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So random question: Does anybody visit sissy-kiss?
Holy cow!  I've got 83 watchers.  How the heck did that happen?
 Thanks to whoever invited me to post my work on the various groups though.  I've got a decent idea for some of them.  It doesn't take a rocket scientist to look at the member list for a group and be like...."Heeeeeey...wait a second.  I know that screen name!"
So, I am now getting messages for groups actually requesting my work.  Weird.  Is this a new feature or did I just suddenly become the popular one?
Put up Chapter 24 of College or Cribs (Finally)  It didn't take me long to write as much as it took me a long time to get around to writing it.  It actually turned out much better than I expected going in and some fresh ideas popped while writing it.


United States
I've been a closet AB/DL my entire life. My parents and close older family members probably suspect from when I was too young and dumb to know to hide my fascination. Then again, it probably got written off as "a phase", as soon as I got older and started not talking about it.

My friends may suspect, but if they do, they're kind enough not to say anything about it. The weird thing is, I have some friends that are open fetishists of different sorts; mostly furs. So yeah, I'm a bit of a coward. Even my name is a reference to that.

I'm not using anything even close to my real name, and anything with "Diaper" or "Baby" in the name was just too cliche. I'm so much more than just my fetish. We all are.

I'm just so paranoid that I'm going to be branded by it. So do I use a persona and change up my writing style and tone to further disguise myself? Live the internet dream by pretending to be someone much cooler than I am?

Or maybe just a simple Alias? Be myself with the exception of my name?

Persona+Alias= personalias

I'm actually scared some of my friends will find this page, and find enough clues to figure out it's me. I console myself with the question: "What the heck were my friends doing looking at AB/DL stories and pics anyways?"

My wonderful wife is the only person in my life who officially knows my secret. It was she who encouraged me to take some of my ideas, write them down and post them online for others to see.

The thing that it's happening. Now that I'm becoming part of the online community. I can't help but wonder why I didn't join sooner.

Thanks for reading this. It was really cathartic.
So, the vast majority of my stories feature a male protagonist.  Although I tend to write what I hope are fleshed out female supporting characters, my stories are pretty much exclusively told from a 3rd person limited point of view, featuring a male protagonist.

This is because I'm a big fan of the "write what you know" mentality, and having been a male my whole life, I'd like to say that I know a thing or two about it.  

It's also because, when I first starting reading AB/DL fiction, I'd often want to experience the misadventures of the main character and place myself in the settings and events.

 BUT, since that by and large the majority of characters I came across getting the diaper treatment in AB/DL literature are female characters, I'd often re-imagine it in my head with a male character going through a similar circumstance.  So pink later gets edited to blue, and frilly dresses turn into overalls, etc. etc.  

Heck, I've seen at least one website with a "Boy Story Board", where sightings of stories with the seemingly ever elusive male AB characters were jotted down so that any who were interested could find them and read said story.

For clarification, I do this with all sorts of things, not just kink stories, and I'd like to think most people do it too to a greater or lesser degree.  For example, after watching the Hunger Games and re-enacting some of the coolest scenes in my head, I would imagine myself holding the bow and shooting tributes from career districts.     

That's not to say that I don't "get", appreciate, or like female protagonist AB stories.   Without getting too graphic or vulgar I definitely understand, see, and have experienced the appeal of a female protagonist being made that helpless and vulnerable.

The thing that is just bugging me is the seeming lopsidedness of the subjects covered.  I consider myself an AB boy on this scene, and I'm pretty sure there are many others out there too; if avatars of dudes dressed up are to be believed. 

Yet, there seems to be a drought of male protagonists out there. Sticking to what I know personally, and not speaking for anyone else, I have a bit of a Daddy side too, and I'll admit to being completely absorbed in arts both visual and literary with all female subjects; but I would think that people would also want to see themselves represented in these stories and pictures.  (And I don't just mean commissioned pictures of OC's for profile pics)  

I'm not trying to stir a pot or whine about equal representation or some other such thing that is just frankly nonsense in the context of fetish writing.  There are waaaaaaay too many injustices in the world where the representation ratio is in my sex's favor, and this is such a small thing.

So questions to anyone who would care to share their opinions with me.  Educate me please if you feel I'm off base.

1. Why does anyone suppose this imbalance in AB/DL literature exist?

2.  Does this imbalance of representation exist?  I usually give a piece about 500 words tops to grab my attention and have me keep reading to the end.  With pictures it's usually a glance and either I'm fascinated by it all or have completely forgotten a half second later.

For all I know there might not be an imbalance in subject matter, but just an imbalance on subject matter that is either well done or to my liking?  (Dear god, am I part of my own problem?)

3.  Does the sex of the protagonist matter to anyone as a reader?  Speaking for myself, it doesn't if the writing is good.  Good writing is good writing, and if I feel the desire to relive a moment from a first person point of view instead of a third person, I've got a good enough imagination on my own.

In short.  Does sex matter? 

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